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About TASC

The Tennessee Association of Student Councils (TASC) is an organization whose purpose is to promote the student council movement in the state of Tennessee. TASC strives to further leadership training and good citizenship for the individual student. Through numerous activities including an annual state convention, a summer leadership camp and other events, TASC attempts to educate students and advisors in the field of leadership training. Another goal of the organization is to provide a platform for student leaders and their adult mentors to share ideas as they work together to motivate and inspire each other to make a positive difference in their local schools and communities through quality leadership.

TASC is affiliated with the Southern Association of Student Councils and the National Association of Student Councils.

Executive Committee

TASC is led by an executive committee composed of approximately 26 members. There are ten elected student officers; their adult advisors join them as members of the executive committee. Elected offices include the offices of: president; vice-president; secretary-host (two students form the same school normally hold the office of secretary-host; three senior high area representatives and three middle level area representatives which include an area rep from each of the three geographic regions of the state (East, Middle, and West). There are seven elected adult coordinators: Executive Chairman; Individual Awards Coordinator; two Camp Coordinators; Competitions Coordinator; Communications Coordinator; Financial Coordinator; and Workshops Coordinator. In addition to these positions, students and adults may be appointed annually to fill positions as needed.


summer campTASC has two levels of membership: regular membership and Silver Star membership. Regular membership dues are $60 per school for a one-year membership—if membership applications and dues are postmarked by April 30. Regular membership dues postmarked after April 30 must include a late fee of $15—increasing the cost of regular membership to $75.

Silver Star membership is a newly added tier of TASC membership. Silver Star membership is attained by a school paying the regular membership dues and making an additional $25 donation when dues are paid. (Dues for Silver Star membership postmarked by April 30 are $85 per school; dues for Silver Star membership postmarked after April 30 are $100 per school.) Silver Star member schools will receive a certificate designating their school as a TASC Silver Star member; membership at this tier also will allow a school to register one additional delegate for TASC’s Summer Leadership Camp and one additional delegate for TASC’s State Convention.

Donations received from Silver Star members will be used to help fund student scholarships to camp and to further the recognition of TASC’s student leaders. The intent behind adding this tier of membership is to help keep TASC’s programs for students strong and affordable for individual participants. We hope that many of our TASC member schools will consider participating in this Silver Star membership program!

Please remember that—to avoid the late fee added to either level of membership—all TASC memberships need to be renewed by a postmark date of April 30.

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